Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blaze Goini/Brooksi Kingsnake Project

Just a little update on the blaze goini cross project. The male, pictured above eating a pinky mouse, and the female, are doing well and growing fast! With the most recent shed his color has started to change from his original tomato red to this dusky orange. His color should fade gradually to a rich brown color as he matures. Take a look at this post for my first photos of this cool pair.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Corn

Here's one of the snakes I brought home this Christmas. He's a snow corn.
A snow corn displays the albino (amelanistic) and anerythristic traits simultaneously, meaning he has no black or red pigment, leaving only a little yellow. This guy is a great eater and is really laid back. Christie has already named him Bowie, so I guess he gets to stay. 
He looks kinda cool slithering around the Christmas tree.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Brand New Year

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! We were super busy visiting family, working, opening presents and, of course, taking care of our pets. 
It looks like 2011 will be an exciting year. Here's a look:

Three Anti-pet Bills Dead in Congress

The three bills that would have dealt a severe blow to reptile keepers throughout the country, S373 and HR2811 (The "python ban") and HR669 (the Non-native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act"), all failed to pass the 111th Congress and are officially dead. Just in time for Christmas!

Three Homeless Snakes Find Shelter This Christmas...At Our House. 

Two boa constrictors and a snow corn snake had been turned over to a rescue who didn't have room for them. Of course my weakness for unwanted reptiles kicked in and they ended up coming home with us. Our little GMC Envoy was so packed with presents, after-Christmas-sale-knickknacks, our dog crate and a sick cat that that there was no room for the snake cages. So I left the cages and put the snakes in pillow cases for the ride home. I'm still not sure if we're keeping them, but my wife has already named the corn snake Bowie. All three snakes are really pretty and very sweet. I'll post some pictures soon.

Time to Heat Things Up

All fifteen of the snakes that were cooled for the winter are out now and warming up. In a few days I'll turn on their heat pads and offer food next week. As soon as the females shed it will be time to introduce them to the males for another breeding season. Up this year are: Honduran milk snakes, California King snakes and Florida (Brooks) King snakes. 

Reptile Presentations

My first reptile presentation of the year is coming up soon! Students of Brushy Creek Elementary will see me and my reptiles at Science Night. I'll do two 30 minute shows including snakes, geckos and my tortoise. I can't wait!