Thursday, December 19, 2013

Longest Burmese Pythons

Here's an interesting article on the maximum lengths of Burmese pythons. I've always wondered about the very different lengths that various sources report for many species. There is also debate on the widely accepted length  of the longest live snake ever found (1912, Celebes, Indonesia, reticulated python, 32' 9.5").

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reptile Holiday Camps

If you operate a daycare, private school or other organization in the Austin area that offers winter break camps, then you've got your hands full planning activities for the kiddos. We have a special program for you: Our winter break Reptile Adventure shows. See a dozen live reptiles including a SNOW corn snake and a snake that looks like a CANDY CANE!
Give us a call to find out more and to book your winter break reptile show.

Winter Break Blues?

The kids are out of school for two weeks and you've got holiday cheer to spread. Looking for some different holiday entertainment ideas? Keep your kids busy with an Austin Reptile Shows holiday play date!
They'll enjoy hands-on time with a dozen awesome live reptiles in the comfort of your home or other meeting area.
I'll be bringing a few special reptiles out for our winter break shows, too. Ever seen a SNOW corn snake? What about a snake that looks like a CANDY CANE? We got 'em!