Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reptile Shows and Stowaways

So much has happened lately! We've been doing lots of educational reptile shows and reptile birthday parties in the Austin area. Since this summer we've done shows for several schools, YMCA, Austin Children's Academy, Elroy Library, among others. We just finished a series of 23 shows for Round Rock ISD's ASPIRE program. We even had a booth at Austin Pet Expo!

We have more shows coming up in November, including the Harvest Festival at Caraway Elementary School this weekend.

Several more reptiles have come to live with us: two red-eared sliders, a 17 year-old California king snake and a bearded dragon were all donated to us. Some of these will be used in our reptile birthday parties and shows. Another family is sending us their sulcata tortoise this weekend.

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If you're in the Austin area and want a great party idea or educational opportunity for your kids, give us a call!