Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ZooMed Repti Heat Cable

A Flexible Heating Alternative

About nine months ago I started experimenting with Zoo Med's Repti Heat Cable as an alternative to pads or lamps for heating some of my snake cages. Available in lengths of 11.5 to 50 feet, this water-resistant cable has proven to be a durable, more versatile solution. While it can be used inside of cages, my application involves running the cable in parallel lines on the back third of a set of metal shelves. The cable is easy to install on any smooth flat surface using standard electrician's tape. 
Other than some inconsistency in the temperature of the cable (some spots seem to get hotter than others), it has performed perfectly and has saved money compared to other heat sources. It's also much easier to remove and reconfigure. There are claims that a thermostat is not needed when using these heat cables, however I found it necessary when used on a shelf that didn't have adequate air flow.
Depending on your setup and the number of animals you keep, this may be the hot ticket (pun intended).
You can find Repti Heat Cable in most reptile-friendly pet stores and, of course, online. I like to shop at LLL Reptile and Pet Mountain.

Do a little homework. Here are the manufacturer's instructions for use.


  1. I'm still using the heat cable and it's working perfectly.

  2. Have you had any problems with the tubs melting at all? I plan to use heat cable with my racks due to it being cheaper and easyier to obtain.

    1. my rack temps are all over the place ,im using heat cable,can u send me a picture of probe placement via text please 336-675-0059

  3. i havnt tried but if u use heat cable in racks will the draw still slide out nicely or will the tub tilt on a funny angel


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