Monday, June 21, 2010

Latest News

It's been a busy month for us. Here's what's been happening:

We have three clutches of Honduran milk snake eggs (22 eggs total). The babies should include normals, albinos, anerythristics and ghosts. These babies will be for sale, so let me know if you're interested.

Gopher Snakes
We adopted a pair of San Diego gopher snakes last week. We plan to use these spirited snakes to add a little variety to our presentations.

Ghost Honduran
We also took in a very problematic ghost Honduran milk snake from a breeder friend of mine. The snake has some weird kinks in her body and is a chronic regurgitator. I'm going to try to work with her and get her healthy.

Texas Rat Snake
The Texas rat snake I rescued last month is doing well and showing no permanent damage from his unfortunate run-in with a car tire. He's eating well and is fairly easy-going.

Well, that's all, except for the usual feeding and cleaning.

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