Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reptile Industry Calls for Congressional Oversight on U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rule Making

Despite the defeat of two potentially devastating bills in Congress last year, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has submitted a final ruling that would add nine species of large constrictors to the injurious wildlife list. The resulting impact would almost certainly lead to the loss of jobs in this $1.4 billon industry. 

Read the press release from USARK:

I've read the "scientific" report that this ruling is based on. Even a lay man such as myself can see that it's riddled with errors and assumptions, rather than conclusions drawn from scientific data. This is an example of the science being invented to support a preconceived opinion. Millions of Americans will suffer for it. And the worst part: there is no evidence that this ruling will help protect any area of environmental concern. Nor will this ruling address the issue of removing the small population of pythons that have already been found in the Everglades.

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