Saturday, January 5, 2013

How about a reptile show?

Finding fresh new activities for an event or classroom can can be exhausting.  Have you considered a reptile show?
Reptile shows and educational programs snap up the attention of kids and grownups alike with the excitement of seeing real reptiles up-close and personal!
Austin Reptile Shows brings live reptiles to your school, birthday party, group or special event. Turtles, lizards and lots of snakes are all on the menu and most of our programs are HANDS-ON! And teachers, our content is TEKS-aligned—a perfect curriculum enrichment opportunity for your animal units.
If you're located in Austin or the surrounding areas, check out Austin Reptile Shows. We'll give you an experience your kids will never forget!

Here are just a few ideas for using Austin Reptile Shows for your school or event:

Day cares
After school programs
Home school groups
Scout groups
Summer & winter camps
Winter parties
Neighborhood associations
Church groups
Family nights
Fund raisers
Corporate parties
Public events
Science nights
Book fairs 

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