Saturday, April 24, 2010

Animal Adventure Day

Friday morning I did my reptile presentations for the second grade classes at Caraway Elementary in Austin for their Animal Adventure Day. Mrs. Foux, pictured above with Smeagol, and Ms. Conine were there to lend a hand.
The students saw several snakes, two species of geckos and a sulcata tortoise, all while learning about the unique characteristics of reptiles and how they fit into their environments. Titus the tortoise was a big hit, as always, and spent some time munching on broccoli and tomatoes while we discussed the day to day life of a tortoise in the African desert. We also compared a hatchling Honduran milk snake to a fully grown individual. One of the highlights came during the fourth presentation when Smaug, the seven-and-a-half-foot carpet python, started to shed his skin right before our eyes. The show was a success with lots of participation and interest from the students.
This is my third year to bring my animals to Caraway and, as always, I want to thank all the students and staff for their warm welcome and the chance to talk about the animals I love. 

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