Monday, April 26, 2010


So I've decided I don't like crickets. It's not the crickets themselves. It's not that they're creepy-crawly. It's not even the chirping at night. What I don't like is the maintenance! The crickets are more work than the geckos I feed them to. If you only have one gecko, then you can buy crickets at your local pet store for just a few dollars a week. But with five hungry geckos, I go through a lot of crickets. I buy them in bulk from Ghann's Cricket Farm (usually 1,000 at a time). To take care of crickets you have to make sure they have food and a source of water. I use a commercial cricket diet to keep them well-fed and full of nutrients. For water I throw in fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen (crickets will drown in standing water). That's the easy part. The fun comes when it's time to clean the crickets' cage. Between the droppings, molted (shed) skins and dead crickets it's a smelly, dirty affair. Plus the live crickets are jumping all over the place. I'm going to invent a better way, I just haven't come up with it yet.

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