Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honduran Milk Snakes: The Final Count

The results are in. All the good eggs from this summer have hatched. On the downside, we lost an entire clutch of anery's and a few eggs from the other two clutches. We also had two babies that hatched with fatal defects and one beautiful albino that didn't make it out of the egg. Despite these disappointments, I'm still very happy about what we did produce: 

Four healthy normals
Two albinos
The mystery hypo

Some of the babies have already shed and are starting to eat. I'll post more pictures soon.
Want one of these little gems for a pet? Here are the prices: 

Clutch 1:
3 Normals, 66% het for albino, 50% het for hypo...$50 each

Clutch 2:
1 Normal (Sibling to the mystery hypo), 66% het for albino and hypo...$70
1 Albino  (Sibling to the mystery hypo) 66% het for hypo...$200
1 High white albino  (Sibling to the mystery hypo) 66% het for hypo...NFS
1 Mystery hypo 66% het for albino...NFS

I'm also excited because two of my snakes may double clutch for me this year. Wish me luck.


  1. I love the picters you take.

  2. Thanks Kyleigh! Keep an eye out for more pictures.


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