Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Eggs and Setting the Sights on Next Year

Well, we've had a very busy week here. I'm happy to say that the baby snakes are eating well, we're taking reservations for shows for this year and we have five more Honduran milk snake eggs from the same parents that produced the albinos and hypo. 

Now it's time to focus on getting our snakes ready for next year. All of the snakes we plan to breed next year will be fed as much as possible for the next several weeks. Then they will get a three week fast to clear their digestive systems before being put into brumation, in which they will be kept cool in a dark closet for about two months. This helps trigger the biological changes that prepare the snakes to breed the next season. During this time, the snakes will not eat, but will be very inactive. They will continue to drink and may even shed their skins while in brumation.
After brumation, the snakes will be gradually warmed up and will resume feeding to kick off another season.

Next year's breeding goals are:

Honduran milk snakes
California king snakes
Brooks king snakes

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