Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Comments and Questions

We have more comments and questions from Ms. Foux's second grade class. Take a look.


  1. How many types of snack are there? I loved the snack we get to taced. It was cool! When did you start calte snacks? Snacks or so cool! Do you have ineay pasin snacks? How many turtles are there? Your bolg is so cool I loved it. And I loved your laesin. Your the best rapile techer I ever sile. Do snacks bant? Do turtles bnat? Your rele good with raptiles.

  2. Mr. Foux how long does it take for a snake to shed it's skin and how many months does it take for a pregnat mother snake to give birth to young? I really liked when you brought out the pythons and the baby milk shake snake the crested geco was funny. I can't belive there are more than one type of lepord gecos.

  3. Mr Mike wath is a milk snak enme? I riley like your tort. He will run to that tomat he was funny. How many tipes of snaks are there? How many nicy snaks are there and how many men snaks are ther?

  4. Hey Mr. Mike how many types of snackes are there in the world and trutules? And why does your turtois like red?

  5. Dear Mr. Foux
    My favorite thing about the show was the snakes the milk snake, the constricter snake, the Blood red corn snake, and the other reptiles like the crested Gecko. And the lepard gecko.

  6. how many types of turtles are their. What are snakes enymeas. What else does turtles eat other than tamato or brokele.
    it was cool when I got to touch a huge snake.
    I wish I touched the spicky turtle But it was so so cool that I thought it was still cool just by looking at it.
    it was funy when the lizard feet got stuck on its own cage.
    When did you start collecting animals.

  7. When rattle snakes are born, the rattle is called a button.
    The turtle you brought, does he bite?

  8. Dear Mr. Foux. How many snakes are there. Snakes are so cool I love all the kinds that my grandpa cath. My favoite things about the show was evrey thing!
    Love: Landry

  9. I liked the king snake and I liked the python but I didn't want to touch it.

  10. I liked the Blood red corn snake, Leperd gecko, Crested gecko, and king snake. It was cool that the snakes smell with there tungs. Turtles were cool to. Do alligators shed skin? Do snakes use their snouts? Do sea snakes have gills?

  11. How many types of snaks are there?
    How does credted gecko stik on walls?
    How do you know wich snaks are pousnes?
    How long does snaks grow? How many types of turtles are there? Does turtls have bones?
    Your presentashon was so good!

  12. Dear Mr. Foux
    1. How long is the pithon?
    2. When did you get your pithon?
    3. How much does the pithon weigh?
    4. What does the baby python eat?
    5. What is the bigest snake you have?
    6. Wher did you get the pithon?
    7. how big is the pitons egg?
    8. how much sharp is the crested geico?

  13. Dear Mr. Foux
    Sorry I did be thier for the presentation but your blog was amazing!!!!!! I saw your pink snake. It was so big and looked like a cobra. and that lizard.
    What was that lizard anyway. I wonder what.

  14. Dear Mr. Foux
    Whene did you start your colecshon? I liky all of your reptiles. That was amasing thank you for coming and if my parnts let me once your milk snakes eggs hatch I might get one.
    From: Mckenna

  15. Dear Mr. Mich
    the peresetashon was awsam. I hav 1 turtlel and 1 dog. I hav a tortus. His name is Tiny. It is a joke he is small now and he will be big in the futcher.

  16. how many types of turtle are there.
    how do snakes open there mouth biger then them.
    how does King cobra bite.

  17. Well, we've got quite a few questions to answer! Let's start with some of the most frequently asked:

    How many types of snakes and turtles are there?

    There are almost 3,000 different species of snakes in the world.
    As for turtles and tortoises, there are around 240 species.
    All in all there are over 8,000 species of reptiles including lizards, snakes, turtles/tortoises, crocodilians and tuataras.

    When did you start your collection?

    I've kept snakes and other reptiles almost all of my life. My current collection was started about 5 years ago.

    Do you have any poisonous snakes?

    No, I don't keep any poisonous snakes.

    What are a snake's enemies?

    Snakes are preyed upon by many animals including birds (such as hawks), mammals (such as foxes, coyotes and opossums) and even other reptiles. Humans also kill snakes and other reptiles for food, skins and out of fear.

  18. Let's answer some questions about my pythons.

    My Carpet python, Smaug, is about 6 years old and is almost 8 feet long. He is the biggest snale I have. When he was a baby he ate tiny day-old mice called pinkies because they don't have any fur. Now he eats big mice and even bigger rats. I don't know how much he weighs, but it's probably about 6-8 pounds.

    My ball python, Smeagol, is about 7-8 years old and is over 4 feet long. He started out on pinkie mice and now eats large rats. Smeagol weighs about 4-5 pounds.

    Both of my pythons were purchased from Mischa's Pets in Sulphur, Louisiana.


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