Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh Deer!

This has nothing to do with reptiles, but I thought I'd share anyway. One afternoon last week I stopped by Caraway Elementary and noticed Ms. GW and a few other people standing around her car looking at something underneath. Curious, as always, I went to investigate and discovered that a confused fawn was hiding under the car. After a few calls to local wildlife agencies and animal control, we decided to remove the baby deer. You're probably going to laugh at me, since I catch snakes bare handed, but I wasn't taking any chances with even a fawn. So I borrowed some gloves from a neighbor. Gently I pulled the little deer out. It flailed and cried out, but calmed after a few seconds. We released a few yards away in the woods on the school property where other deer have been sighted. After a few shaky steps, the fawn found its feet and bounded into the bushes.
One thing to note: be cautious around deer! They look all cute and cuddly, but adult deer sometimes attack humans and other animals if they feel threatened. There have even been a few fatal attacks, but these are very rare. You can bet I was keeping an eye out for the little guy's mama!

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