Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spicewood Elementary Reptile Presentation

Last Friday Mrs. Foux and I put on three presentations at Spicewood Elementary. These shows were a little different. The event was outdoors, the groups were larger, teachers and volunteers got hands-on experience and I had to get used to speaking into a mic.
This show also featured more animals than ever before! We had Titus, of course, as well as three geckos and eight snakes. Making their debut were a beautifully bright apricot Pueblan milk snake and Domino, a black and white California kingsnake.
Titus thrilled the kids when he started munching on their playground grass after finishing his tomatoes. And Smaug, the carpet python, tried to steal the show by wrapping his tail around my microphone stand.
We filled up each 55 minute presentation discussing reptiles in general and interesting facts about each species we looked at.
Thank you, Spicewood Elementary, for having us!

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  1. I'm glad you get to share your passion with others...especially children. Now they will have a better understanding of creatures that most usually persecute.


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